Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three year anniversary

I've now completed a third year of writing to this blog.  That's 133 posts, 35 of them over the past 12 months.  That's just a bit above my 32-post pace for year two, and way off my 66 posts the first year.  It's rough to keep up just a ~2.5 post/month pace, much less a post a week.

That's what I want to write about yet again today.  I took a look at the 8 blogs I had recommended after my first year.  Seven of them haven't been updated in a year or more, or only had a single post in the past several months.  I'm not even sure if the eighth blog counts, since it's maintained by Test and Measurement World.

I also tried looking at LabVIEW-specific blogs.  My main source was this list of blogs on the LabVIEW wiki.  Of that really long list, I only found 3 blogs that I would consider current: at least one post per month.  And ALL of those blogs are written by National Instruments employees, so again I'm not sure that counts.

So, aside from patting myself on the back, what am I saying?  I guess my point is that I've kept writing steadily for 3 years and intend to do it for years to come.  As I said a few days ago, I enjoy it.

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