Friday, July 4, 2008

One year anniversary, pt 2

As I said in my last post, I've been writing to this blog for a full year now. One of the things I said in my first post was that I hadn't found any blogs about regular test engineering. One year later, I should put a caveat to that statement. There are some blogs about test engineering, but they are usually written by someone who either a) works at NI (or some other huge test engineering firm), b) gets paid to write about test engineering (i.e. - a magazine), or c) written by a consultant (and writing a blog is a form of advertising for a consultant). This blog is still one of a very few in test engineering written not for profit or for promoting myself. It's just because I want to.

Having said all that, here's a list of test and engineering blogs that I read from time to time (arranged alphabetically). Maybe you'll find them useful and/or entertaining. But be warned - most of them focus on LabVIEW usage.

The Automated Test Blog
A director of marketing at NI posts here once a month or so.

Blogs on Test & Measurement World
This page is for a group of blogs written by people at that magazine, rather than a single blog. But it's useful to look at the summaries on this one page. These are often worth a quick read.

Expression Flow
This LabVIEW programming blog has several different consultants posting to it from time to time.

Ideas in Wiring
The author workss at NI, but the blog is more of an independent piece.

Open Measurements
Brian Powell is a senior R&D guy at NI. I've attended talks he's given before, & he seems like a great guy. As to be expected, his blog is specifically about LabVIEW.

Testing with NI
Another test engineer writing a blog on his own. Good for him.

Thinking In G
This blog is ran by Jim Kring, who co-wrote the great LabVIEW for Everyone book. He runs a consultant company.

VI Shots
This is written by a pretty active consultant, Michael Aivaliotis. I see his name pop up quite a bit in LabVIEW circles.

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