Monday, March 17, 2014

Job satisfaction

As my children have grown older, I've tried to describe to them two important things about the working world: doing a job the right way, and the hard-to-define satisfaction you can get from a job well done.  I had the perfect example described to me this past weekend.

My wife teaches at a local high school, and the hockey team made it to the state championship game.  To show our support, we attended the game.  At the game I bumped into Gus, whom I used to work with at a startup company I left back in 2011.  His company runs the IT support for that company, and I worked with him to implement the database I developed as well as my test systems and analysis software.  We talked some about how the company was doing, and Gus mentioned that the database, the test systems that write to that database, and the programs that pull and analyze that data are all still actively used by the company.

Now THAT is a really nice feeling.  I must've done something right.