Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want a tricorder

Android Tricorder App

Last year I compiled a list of tools all test engineers should have.  That list came to mind a couple of months ago when I got my spiffy Droid Incredible phone and downloaded the Tricorder app.  It's a VERY cool tool/toy, especially for a test engineer.

I was reminded of that list again when I read the "New Age of DMMs" article in Evaluation Engineering.  The title implied to me that there was a new line of DMMs I didn't know about.  Sadly, it didn't deliver on that promise - I already knew about PXI DMM cards and the new capabilities they had.

But what about new handheld DMMs?  So I checked out Fluke (of course), and they have a couple of neat multimeters I hadn't seen before.  The Fluke 289 is a good DMM that has logging capability with a TI-calculator-type graphing option (it got a Best In Test award in 2009). Even better, the Fluke 233 has a slick wireless option - you can hook it up, put the display in your pocket, walk up to 30 feet away and still read what it's measuring.
Fluke 289

 Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter
Fluke 233

Both of those would be nice to have.  But I still want a tricorder.

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