Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vendor books about testing - marketing

Yesterday I posted my review of an Agilent guide to test systems. Eric, who works at National Instruments and runs The Automated Test Blog, added a comment about a test systems book that NI has here. So, I downloaded it and skimmed it quickly. I'll probably review that one as well for completeness sake (thanks for the heads up, Eric).

Of course, originally I wanted to compare the books from Agilent and Keithley to see if they reflected a difference between the two companies themselves: Agilent is much more of a marketing behemoth than it was as HP many years ago. To be honest, I have a bias. I worked in the Test & Measurement group at HP for a few years before and after the switch to Agilent, and I saw firsthand the large amount of resources that went into marketing. But that is a post for another day.

I must tread lightly with this sort of thing. I've had a few marketing/salespeople contact me about products they make. Maybe they want to sell me their products, look for free advertisement on my blog, or just honestly offer information. It could be a blend of those reasons. But I'm an end user of test equipment nowadays, and no one pays me to do this blog. From an ethical point of view I should treat all requests equally. That is, only talk about things I experience, not show unwarranted bias towards one vendor or another, and not lambast someone or something without reason.

Or at least I'll try.

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