Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Agilent vs. Keithley

While spending time reviewing the testing handbooks by Agilent and Keithley, I started thinking more about the differences between the two companies. Here's a quick synopsis of publicly available information:

Employees: 650
Founded: 1946
Operating Income: ~$10 million
Net Income: ~$8.4 million

Employees: 19390
Founded: 1999 (split from HP, founded in 1939)
Operating Income: ~$465 million
Net Income: ~$3.31 billion

Now of course I realize that Agilent does more than just make test & measurement hardware - for example, they also have an investment group. I also realize that Agilent makes instruments for a lot more applications than Keithley.

I've bought & used instruments from both companies. I think both companies make good products, have good tech support, and do a good job of knowing their customers. But still, I find it very interesting that Keithley, such a small company by comparison, holds up its own so well against a huge conglomerate like Agilent. I guess there's something to be said for being small and focused.

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