Monday, August 13, 2007

LabVIEW programming style

So I have to give props to Peter Blume for his book The LabVIEW Style Book. Yes, it repeats a list of best practices for LV programming from different sources. Yes, it is grayscale, when color print would have been much more useful. Yes, it is self-serving: he runs a software consulting firm that is mentioned frequently in the book.

Aside from those gripes, this book is great resource for three specific reasons:

  1. It covers specific aspects of LV programming chapter by chapter. These divisions are clear, logical, and discussed in detail.
  2. He uses copious examples.
  3. He devotes much of chapter 10 to the VI Analyzer, which I have found to be an incredibly useful tool. For some reason NI never pushed this tool, but the book's popularization of it may go some way towards improving the overall standard of LV code.
In fact, I liked the book so much that I started a study group with the other engineers in my group. We cover one chapter per month - we've covered four so far (10 chapters total).

I should post a disclaimer here as well. Back about 4-5 years ago I interviewed with his company and almost started work there. Then I got wind of how little money they would offer and bailed. I was disappointed with the firm for a while, but I still like this book.

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