Saturday, February 21, 2015

LabVIEW thoughts, part 3 (the bitter edition)

I said back in December that I would write a series of posts about LabVIEW.  In this third post in the series, I want to talk a little about LabVIEW versioning hell.

This is not a new topic with me (look here or there).  LabVIEW version issues bit me again at work, only this time it was related to old hardware.  The problem stretched out for a month - from mid-December until I finally fixed it in January - but here's the crux of it:

  1. I had an older PXI chassis with a new RT computer.
  2. I couldn't get triggering to work on a couple of DAQ cards.
  3. The triggering didn't work because the newer version of the PXI software (on the new RT) didn't support the old PXI.
  4. The newer LV for RT code didn't support the older PXI software that I needed.

To resolve this, I had to completely wipe the RT computer (several times, but that's a different story), re-install an older LV version, and then downgrade my LV code (with all the headaches that entailed).  In other words, WEEKS of effort.


Not convinced that LabVIEW has a versioning problem?  Take a look at these convoluted eye charts, all directly from the NI website:

Sometimes I think NI expects customers to just sit and take it, like obedient pets...

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