Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Republican Brain

Science and technology are very important to me.  I look back on the thousands of years of human civilization, of failed empires, of the rise and fall of governments and it just makes me sad.  Then I look at how far civilization has come in just the past few hundred years, and I'm hopeful.  Maybe it's a little bit religious, but I do have faith that most people are basically good and, if we continue to emphasize scientific and engineering advancements, humanity will prosper.

Then I spend a little time watching Fox News, or reading a website like this, and I get depressed again.  The earth is getting warmer.  Mankind evolved from apes, which evolved from earlier species, all the way back to primordial ooze.  The Earth is a few billion years old, not 6000.  All these statements are supported by mountains of evidence and theories.  Why don't people accept this?  I finally got around to reading "The Republican Brain," and I have to say it was very convincing.


The Big Z said...
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The Big Z said...

I agree science and technological advances are important. However, even as an engineer, I think that philosophical and humanitarian advancements are far more important

Also, I'd argue that Democrats deny science just as much as Republicans. Especiall.y when it comes to economics and other humanitarian studies. I often times see them both worshiping at the alter of their respective parties.

R. Greg Dudgeon said...

Maybe dems deny evidence when it conflicts with their beliefs, but the author in that book references studies that suggest people with a liberal outlook are more likely to change their beliefs when presented with compelling evidence.

Also, there's things like this: