Monday, January 7, 2013

Testing and mobile devices

Below are links for two recent articles.  Both articles discuss mobile devices and testing, but they cover very different subjects: testing apps for mobile devices and using a mobile device for testing.

The first article is sort of an editorial lament/challenge about the issues mobile app developers face.  Dr. Dobbs has a top rate rep for covering software development, and I'm not going to try to paraphrase what they published.

The Evaluation Engineering article is something of a mini-survey of software and hardware available for mobile devices (mostly Android and iOS devices).  A couple of these apps I already have on my iPad, but there were some new ones I hadn't seen before.  I particularly liked the spectrum analyzer app and the LogisScope app-and-hardware.  Neat stuff.

Sometimes I bookmark similar articles and read them together when I have time.  After I did that with these articles, it just sort of struck me how the mobile aspect of testing - which didn't even exist ten years ago - is just incredibly new and cool.  And yet it's still the same thing, just in a different (and cooler) package.

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