Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Startup intentions

I'm on my fifth or seventh startup company, depending on how you count it.  Of those companies, I'd say only two seriously considered taking themselves public.  One of those companies went belly-up, and the other is still scraping along.  Of the other several startup companies, one folded and was picked up for pennies on the dollar, one was bought out for good money, and the others are still TBD.

So, in my experience most startups have in the back of their minds that they likely will be bought out.  That brings me to a podcast from the Harvard Business Review called "What's Wrong with Today's Entrepreneurs."  I stumbled across this a couple weeks ago and it caught my attention as describing one of those articles written by someone who has no real world experience.  First of all, the author was comparing apples and oranges.  I don't think you can really compare software startups to hardware startups - there are just too many differences.  Second, he didn't even bring up any recent hardware startup companies.  I could certainly have suggested a few.

Anyway, startup companies have become a bit of a hobby horse for me, so I felt like I had to mention this.

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