Sunday, July 15, 2012

TestStand (part 2 - Learning how to use it)

As part of a project I completed for my previous company, I  learned NI TestStand and implemented it for a test station.  I started writing a few posts about that experience and my impressions of TestStand a year ago.  I'm finally getting around to finishing it, and this is the second of three posts.

Learning how to use it
I came into TestStand from the LabVIEW world, although I have a long background in text-based languages.  When my development group decided we wanted to evaluate TestStand, the first thing I did was download the evaluation software (free) and purchase the source materials for the training class (a couple hundred bucks).  After spending a week walking myself through the training and reading through the manuals, we decided to buy the software and implement it in our test systems.

Here's a couple of pointers for learning it yourself:
  1. Download the manual and eval materials from NI (reference manual). 
  2. Don't pay for the actual training if you don't have the cash.  Just buy the source materials for the training class.
  3. This book is a collection of articles about using TestStand.  If you don't want to spend the $10, you can get most of it from here online.
  4. Step through all of the examples you can find.

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