Monday, November 1, 2010


Every other month Test and Measurement World has a Test Voices section where they interview different test engineers.  The engineers they talk with aren't necessarily the top of the field, just people working on interesting things.  For November's issue they talked with me about the testing I do at my current employer.  I have to say the process was enjoyable, interesting and efficient.  If you're interested, the interview is here.


Meg said...

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding test engineering...can I have your email address?


Meg said... is mine

Steven said...

I have Labview 2010 Student edition, Electronics Learning Lab and a Velleman K8055.

Are there blogs/websites out there, that explain /walk-through elementary electronics so I can learn it easier.

Can labview work with some as simple as the E.L.L.?

Some projects I would like to work on are:

1. Measure the warmth of a window and compare it to inside air temp of the house and open the blinds when the sun is strong enough to create some radiant heat in the house.

2. Collect data from an accelerometer that store and then use the data to simulate movements via stepper motors.

3. Utilize wireless technology at the sensor level that would send data to my computer.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.



You can reach me at