Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well, today I had to implement word verification for comments to my blog. Up until a couple months ago I'd never had this problem. Test engineering is not exactly a hot button topic, so this blog never gets more than a couple dozen hits a day. I probably flew below the radar.

But starting early this fall, and accelerating the past couple weeks, have been a lot of badly-phrased comments advertising drugs and websites of the usual varieties you see in spam. I guess the auto-generating junk-mail code out there is starting to expand.

So now I've implemented captchas for anyone who wants to add comments. Hopefully that will cut down on the comments I have to delete.


Leo said...

been reading your blog and watng for updates on test engineering site together with JAV blog on NI testing, nitesting.blogspot.com, sometimes this spams cannot be stop as long as they earn from it, anyway keep on posting on test engineering side, I am a newbie in test engineering so pointers you raised is really a help, also just starting to code in labwindows, been lurking on forums.ni.com community, keep on posting.

Greg said...


Thanks for the comments - I appreciate it.

Majugi said...

Fittingly, the captcha I received for this comment was 'testr'.

Also, thanks for this blog; it looks quite interesting (not a small feat for a test engineering site). I'll definitely be lurking in your archives as soon as my exams finish this term. :)