Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sifting through my inbox - CAST

So once again I'm going through my Inbox and sorting through months of miscellaneous emails.  I came across this  press release about the Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST).  here's the key quote:

CAST was formed in 2008 by semiconductor device makers and test industry suppliers to engage in, and resolve, common industry issues related to higher test equipment utilization, lower costs, and greater standardization and return on test-related R&D. 

Sounded interesting, so I went to the website for the group.  They had a little more information there, including slides from a meeting a couple weeks ago.  The list of member companies includes mostly test equipment companies (no surprise there) and big users of semiconductor test equipment (i.e. - Intel).  

I'm all in favor of things like standardization and lower costs, but these sorts of organizations tend to founder unless they are led (at least in the early days) by a strong leader.  I wish them luck.

After a month+ of not posting, I finally have a little more time to get back to the blog.  I have at least three more items I'll be posting over the next week or so. 

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